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Thinky-think Semantic Web And Images

Hummingbird’s Bringing Changes to Searchimage search, hummingbird and semantic web

This semantic Web post got me thinking, what happened to Facebook scanning cover photos for text when they were “enforcing” the 20 percent text rule? Remember all that hubub about penalizing those who don’t follow the rules? Is it because the ability to read text on images isn’t quite there yet?

None for You

I’ve always, always, always been a HUGE proponent of the alt image tag. It’s not only been a help with SEO, it’s the right thing to do. People with vision impairment need to have the images tagged to glean information those of us who can see get. Or, in my case, those of us who can see with their glasses. Is Google going to tell blind people to just lump it? That’s bull and goes against my idealistic ideas about digital information being a great equalizer.

Caption This

Facebook’s handling of images is just one of the reasons I don’t trust it to be a long-term marketing thing or a thing you should pin the center of your digital strategy on. A walled garden is stinky and a walled garden without a sincere effort to be inclusive of everyone is even stinkier. Social media in general are legs to prop up your body (your own site) and not vice-versa.

Just One More Thing

I haven’t seen authorship pop up in image searches. Doesn’t mean it’s not there. It could be I’m searching the wrong things or I’m doing it wrong somehow.