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Digital Duds

Do you think it’s a bad thing to stick out like a poop in a punchbowl?
How do you know you aren’t the poop in the punchbowl?

There are uniforms in plain sight even if they don’t seem like the standard bill of fare. Like this: H&M’s newest line of clothes struck me as a reflection of our idea of a computer-savvy person’s clothes. The threads are based on the flick, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
I really, really like a lot of these pieces. But, do I like them because I fancy myself a part of digital culture and I’m buying into a “lifestyle?” (Which reminds me, I need to go and renew my subscription to Dork Fancy magazine.)

HM DRAGONOr, do I like them because I genuinely appreciate their style?
While I doubt women are going to walk around completely dressed in Lisbeth regalia, we may soon see elements of the look in our everyday lives. It’s just one of the most recent examples of television and movies simultaneously influencing and reflecting wired worker style.

Space 1999
One of my earliest memories of people banging out bits and bytes came from Space 1999.
NO SPACE IN MY CROTCHThese jumpsuit-esque outfits were pretty indicative of how people in the ‘70s predicted computer careerists would dress. So practical and yet so unbeleiveably unbecoming to either sex.
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