Quick and dirty tips for location-based holiday shopping

Ok bargain-loving not-so-techie friends, you CAN do this:

1. Download Facebook mobile onto your smartphone.

2. Enable Facebook Places on said phone.

3. Look for little pictures in store windows that say there are deals if you check-in.

4. Check-in and it’ll post to Facebook.

a. Just this past weekend I got discounts from H&M, Macy’s and American Eagle for checking-in.

b. Show your phone to the cashier. We’re talking 20 percent, here folks.

5. If you’re feeling REALLY ambitious, try downloading Shopkick and Stickybits as well.

a. Shopkick is a kind of check-in app that offers discounts.

b. Stickybits asks that you go to stores and scan product barcodes to get points that allow you to earn tangible prizes and discounts.

c. These both let you earn real stuff or discounts not silly badges like Foursquare.

5. Have a great holiday!


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